The Campus Center at Stockton College

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The Campus Center at Stockton College
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The new Campus Center opened its doors on May 7, 2011 and has since become a destination that greets visitors, fulfills the everyday services students require, providing an inviting and exciting gathering place for the entire community.

This multi-faceted College 'center piece' offers facilities for performance, meeting and event spaces containing state of the art technology including sound systems, projection systems and digital signage.

Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is anchored with an elegant granite fireplace, featuring artwork, and terrazzo flooring with College seal embedment. In order to provide a high quality audio system for background music and speech reinforcement, a couple of digitally steered column array loudspeakers were integrated in a way to blend-in with the surrounding art. A ‘way-finding’ interactive directory system in the form of a wall mounted kiosk provides location and calendar information through a user friendly touch screen interface.

Theater / Recital Hall

The 254 seat Performance Theater offers an intimate setting in a state of the art facility to experience the thrill of concerts, theatre performances, films and guest speakers. Included is a three cluster speaker system that provides concert quality performance for the whole audience. A well equipped multimedia lectern holds a touch panel that provides full control of the whole facility.

Event Room

The Event Room is an 8,800 sq ft, divisible space with 3 high resolution large projection systems providing a multipurpose area for a variety of functions. Included, is a dance floor and an adjacent catering kitchen. A sophisticated audiovisual system provides program audio and video as well as speech reinforcement for the whole space or for independent programming to any of the 3 divided areas. This entire area can also be used as an overflow to the Recital Hall.

Meeting Rooms

A number of meeting rooms provide seating for 16-24 in a conference setting or up to 75 in a lecture style setting. Scheduling of room events is easily controlled and displayed at the entrance to each meeting room by the wall mounted ‘room wizards’. A complete multimedia projection system with a touch panel remote control system complements each of these conferencing rooms.

In all, the entire Campus Center building is interconnected with technology. In the case of a fire alarm, each audio system has been programmed to automatically mute so that the emergency audio prompts can be easily heard by everyone.

Over the years, “Excellence in Design and Integration” has not only become a key reason by which Tele-Measurements is sought after and recognized, but also a statement of our determination, as well as that of our in-house highly trained and certified design engineers and programmers, to excel at the implementation and upkeep of such sophisticated systems as the Richard Stockton Campus Center.