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Elevating Hybrid Workplaces and Spaces with Projection Technology
Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Elevating Hybrid Workplaces and Spaces with Projection Technology

Deploying projection solutions in corporate environments can increase engagement, streamline workflow and add visual interest to the workplace.

The workplace is evolving. As companies and managers maintain hybrid-work models and extend work-from-home (WFH) benefits, the ways in which employees interact with their office space is changing. With more than 40% of American workers now working from home, engaging and interactive workspaces have become invaluable. New responsibilities have landed in the laps of business owners, integrators and IT professionals as employers seek to find alternate ways to interact in the workplace, while manifesting a creative, engaging work environment that leaves both in-person and virtual employees feeling involved and appreciated.

By utilizing new advances in real-time communication technologies like projection, companies have moved toward a workspace design that aids in seamless collaboration. As these needs continue to evolve, I here will share a few ways that projection technology can be used to create a more modern and inclusive workspace that encourages in-person attendance while, at the same time, promoting equal at-home participation.

Create a Space Worth Visiting

Similar to the rush that business owners faced when trying to pull consumers back into stores, employers are searching for new ways to engage employees returning to the office. Advancements in WFH technology have reshaped productivity, but, as more and more workers return to the office, many find themselves lost in yesterday’s lobby and office décor.

In today’s landscape, business owners are looking for ways to create enticing displays that require the least intervention. With projection technology, virtually any surface or space can be reimagined with simple options for swapping content. Leveraging the many creative content-management apps and projection tools available today, managers can customize office and lobby displays as desired. A regular rotation of vibrant, colorful displays can breathe new life into lobby décor and show off a personalized touch that connects employees with the workplace.

Modernize Traditional Meeting Rooms

Collaboration and communication are invaluable in today’s hybrid workforce. In order to help workers stay productive, employers must provide the right tools when establishing a successful hybrid-work model to ensure employees working from home can reliably and effectively connect with those in the office.

Flexible meeting rooms could be the much-needed upgrade offices need to bridge the gap between in-person and at-home team members. With the rise of the virtual office, an explosion of new technologies, devices and third-party meeting apps are coming to market. There are a lot of different options to choose from, and it’s important for companies to invest in the right tools and trainings that ensure employees are set up for success. Ensuring employees can easily navigate the technology is just as important as the technology itself, and getting their insight can bring value and help improve processes.

Built to be more intuitive and meet the hybrid workforce’s needs, projection solutions can re-shape hybrid meeting spaces into an interactive experience for both in-person and remote employees, without requiring heavy, cumbersome flatpanels. With flexibility and scalability needed to maximize collaboration in a room, employees can dial in remotely and share big ideas and expansive images free of screen borders; meanwhile, in-person employees can maximize the space for presentations, chats and working documents on the side. This makes sure everyone can see the bigger picture. 

Projection technology allows employers to change up spaces as needed to make work more engaging; moreover, employees can interact with their virtual colleagues in video meetings and capture and share ideas in real time. And they can do all this with large, ultra-wide display options big enough for all to see and be seen, whether in person or logging in remotely. This facilitates added collaboration and more natural experiences.

Making Workplace Technology More Intuitive

Although many workplaces offer new and improved benefits, such as onsite cafeterias or lounge areas, another important element to think about is creating a space equipped with intuitive technology. Most employees are not part of the IT team; therefore, day-to-day technology must be simple to use and adaptable across employees’ range of technology knowledge.

Projection can add fun and engaging visual elements — for example, digital calendars or schedules — around offices to help enhance interaction and workflow. However, these must be easily accessible and simple to use to encourage participation and engagement with employees.

Seamless and cost-effective display solutions, more and more projector solutions have easy, built-in access to content-creation tools and intuitive software to help ease the intimidation of technology and assist users in creating content that can quickly adapt to various display needs.

Reestablishing a welcoming and enticing atmosphere has been a challenge for many employers as they bring employees back to the office. Leveraging projector solutions can elevate meeting rooms, common areas and other corporate spaces to help reconnect employees and employers to their everyday office spaces, while also keeping those at home involved and streamlining workflow.

Remi Del Mar

By Remi Del Mar

As the senior product manager of Digital Experiences, AR & Commercial Display Solutions, at Epson America, Inc., Remi Del Mar is passionate about driving Epson’s vision of delivering innovative display solutions that elevate experiences, drive engagement and boost collaboration.