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Clarity Matrix Video Wall Is Key Marketing and Selling Tool

South Florida, including metropolitan Miami, is enjoying renewed economic growth and Property Markets Group (PMG) – one the nation's leading real estate acquisition and development firms - is helping fuel that growth with continued investment in and development of luxury properties. Among these is Echo Brickell, a 57-story condominium tower being built south of downtown Miami, with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

In Echo Brickell, PMG has taken a bold step by selecting advanced video wall technology for its sales center. This technology – in the form of an expansive video wall from Planar Systems – is giving PMG the means to market the Echo Brickell condominiums in a highly effective manner, providing buyers the dramatic view of the bay, the beach and the ocean that they will have from the condominium.

Clarity Matrix video wall delivers powerful customer experience

The video wall, comprised of Planar's Clarity™ Matrix 55-inch LCD panels (LX55HD)– a sevenwide by three-high (7 x 3) array– occupies one entire wall of the sales center and shows an ultra high definition 4k video of the view from a condo at various times of the day. "Customers are wowed by the experience," says Evan Schapiro Director of Property Markets Group. "It motivates sales much more effectively than a smaller screen would, and underscores that our company is dynamic, forward-thinking and clearly focused on communicating with each customer in the most personal way possible."

Together with PMG, AVA Miami – a fullservice audio visual systems integration firm – selected the Clarity Matrix video wall and then worked with Dania, Florida-based C&E Marketing to finalize the sales center design for the video wall and complete the system installation. Key players from the two firms included Wayne Augustin, Director of South Florida sales for C&E Marketing and Esteban Tettamanti, Principal of AVA Miami.

"The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System is a quality build from top to bottom; it's the ideal display solution for a premier setting such as Echo Brickell," says Tettamanti. C&E Marketing's Augustin says, "Clarity Matrix is preferable because it is designed as a complete system. Other manufacturers' offerings require you to piece things together. That takes longer, can be more expensive, and you never know if all the pieces will work together."

System benefits include superior image quality and configuration flexibility

PMG's Schapiro likes the Clarity Matrix because of the wall's size and system flexibility. "21 of these big displays make quite an impression when we show a full-screen view on them. There are almost no gaps between any two panels and we can easily show just a panel-wide view or a smaller view in combination with renderings, floor plans and information about our company." Each Clarity Matrix LX55HD display measures in at 48 inches wide by 27 inches high, providing a video wall that totals nearly 190 square feet in size and a tiled bezel width of 5.5 mm.

Tettamanti cites Clarity Matrix for its image quality and ease of set-up. "The color saturation, brightness and resolution of the display are simply fantastic, and the video wall – even one this large – installs in about half the time other systems require." Clarity Matrix LX55HD displays offer 450 nits of brightness, 3500:1 contrast ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Installation is fast and simple thanks to the built-in EasyAxis™ Mounting System. Planar pioneered this system, which offers a six-way cam mechanism for achieving precise panel-to-panel alignment. "It's a simple matter to get panels aligned side-to-side as well as ensure that they all form a completely flush front surface. It's almost impossible to achieve this with any other mounting system on the market," Tettamanti adds.

The EasyAxis Mounting System capitalizes on another unique feature of Clarity Matrix: its off-board electronics architecture. As a result of this design, components such as controllers and power supplies can be remotely located. "We like this design for a number of reasons. It keeps the heat level down, avoids many electrical requirements and costs, and makes it easy for our technicians to manage the system without having to work right at the video wall when visitors or buyers are likely to be present," says PMG's Schapiro.

"We have been 100 percent satisfied with the Clarity Matrix video wall. It's doubtful we'd be able to say that had we installed any other such system on the market.