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Dunklin County Justice Center

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Dunklin County Justice Center
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Located in Kennett, Missouri, the Dunklin County Justice Center houses the area’s sheriff’s department, courthouse, and other judicial departments. To update the facility’s audiovisual capabilities to better reflect the needs of the center’s courtrooms, Dunklin’s county commissioners sought to install ceiling speakers in the gallery, jury box, well, and bench of the court. 


Representatives from Electronic Office Systems (EOS), the installer for the court renovation, noted that on examining the court site, the ceiling height of 25 feet would make properly installing and tuning speakers in 4 zones difficult. Additionally, the noise caused by the building’s air handling system would need to be overcome to provide high-quality audio reproduction.

After briefly considering in-wall speakers, Mike Schulze, operations manager for EOS, contacted Biamp directly for suggestions. A proposal based around Community speakers was created for the specifications required for the courtroom.

Don Collins, the presiding commissioner, was very concerned about the appearance of wall mounted speakers versus recessed ceiling speakers; Judge Mark Preyer was also concerned about appearance but wanted a solution to address the sound issues. Mike Schulze, operations manager at EOS, demonstrated the Community Entasys speakers, which convinced them they would look fine in each courtroom. Additionally, both courtrooms were also equipped with TesiraFORTE VT for digital signal processing.


Thanks to the implementation of Tesira and Community solutions and the expert installation performed by Electronic Office Systems, the Dunklin County Justice Center was able to achieve the superior audiovisual quality they required. “The results are great sound for all zones and a thumbs up from the judges and county commissioners,” said Mike Schulze.