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University of North Carolina Collaborates with Computer Comforts, Inc.

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University of North Carolina Collaborates with Computer Comforts, Inc.
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New Lectern Design Promises to Future-Proof the Classroom

CCI announces the latest addition to its family of lecterns: the Configure-IT Series. “What makes this product unique is it’s modular design” says Frank Kolavo, founder of CCI. “UNC challenged us to create a product that could manage all of their smart classroom technology, offered a sit-to-stand feature for faculty comfort, and was wheelchair-friendly. Oh, I forgot to mention—it also needed to be affordable,” says Kolavo. This innovative product was created in collaboration with the Academic Technology Services (ATS) teams at both UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Charlotte.

The modular building-block system starts with a sit-to-stand instructor’s table. The work surface can be adjusted from 30”- 42” H. This range of adjustment also makes this table wheelchair (ADA) compliant. CCI accomplishes this adjustability without the use of expensive electric motors—freeing the lectern from being tethered to a power outlet. The mechanism used for this adjustable table incorporates a simple “spring-assist” feature and carries a lifetime warranty. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out this video link. This table comes standard with both adjustable leveling feet and locking wheels. The college can choose which to use after delivery. Flexibility was key to this design.

A matching equipment cabinet is the next building-block. This freestanding cabinet can be positioned on the left or right side of the instructor’s table. The cabinet includes front and rear rack rails (14u). A locking rear metal door is standard. Customers needing more rack space can order a second cabinet to be positioned on the opposite side. These cabinets can be customized with surface mounted cable cubbies, front doors, adjustable rack shelves, and drawers. Both casters and levelers are also included for the cabinet. An optional Ganging Kit is also available for customers who don’t want this stuff to move after install.

Finally, Chris Ferrer, the AV Engineer at the UNC School of Medicine explained, “heat and dust are the enemy for any lectern install. Keeping the cabinet cool and clean will extend the life of our equipment.” To address this challenge, CCI created the “COOL-IT” system, which is now available for any of our equipment cabinets. A locking front door was designed with a perforated hole pattern for incoming airflow. What makes this unique is that the inside of the door includes an air filter for removing dust from incoming air. In addition, a 1u quiet exhaust fan is mounted at the top position of the rear rack rails. This fan not only pulls all the heat out of the cabinet (8x per minute), it also helps pull the cool air in thru the front filtered door. A special rear door was designed to be used with this fan for heat exhaust.

This new product officially went into production on February 6th, 2023. The company is now accepting orders with a 6–8-week lead time. For more information, visit