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OhioHealth Leverages Coffman Media’s Expertise for Cutting Edge Hospital Renovation

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OhioHealth Leverages Coffman Media’s Expertise for Cutting Edge Hospital Renovation
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OhioHealth is a large, not-for-profit healthcare network based on Columbus Ohio, composed of 15 hospitals, 200+ ambulatory sites, home health facilities, hospice centers, and other healthcare facilities spanning 47 counties in Ohio.

The OhioHealth Hospital of the Future Team contacted Coffman Media – who had been selected earlier that year to become the digital signage solution partner for OhioHealth - for help with a major refurbishment of their New Albany Medical Campus in New Albany, Ohio. The goal was to radically transform the customer experience, through digital signage, at the hospital, positioning it as a hub for an innovative healthcare experience.

Coffman Media worked with stakeholders from across the hospital, synthesizing their goals and ideas into a focused digital signage strategy that supported their customer experience (CX) and operational goals. 


OhioHealth was planning a $41 million dollar refurbishment of the New Albany Hospital campus to expand both its primary and urgent-care services. The leadership had formed a “Hospital of the Future” team to help drive digitalization and customer experience initiatives, they hoped that digital signage could serve as a concierge to guide visitors and patients through the facility, while helping guests feel comfortable in the new and modern space.


One of the major goals of the team was that upon entering the facility, digital signage greeted guests, providing them with interactive directories, and static directories at the elevator bays, to navigate the hospital campus. All guests should easily find pictures of their provider and have a clear path to their suite, with no confusing, boring, or sometimes, outdated static signage.

To complement the experience, the OhioHealth team also wanted to install dynamic informational signage in the common waiting areas to share hospital announcements, health tips, community partnerships and more, so that guests had a seamless digital-communication experience throughout their entire journey in the hospital.

The Hospital of the Future Team wanted a system where, upon entering an examination room for an appointment, the provider could “take over” the display using an in-wall 4-button capacitive touch sensor, allowing doctors to share their laptop screen to review patient results, turn off the screen for light sensitive patients, or return the screen back to the OhioHealth centered information.

The other major focus for the project was to have all screens connected to a central repository of provider content assets, including photos and video clips, that they could pull as needed to different displays. They wanted centralized administration of content changes, enabling the marketing communications team and stakeholders from over 20 different provider areas inside the Medical Campus to leverage the system to meet their goals. It was also a requirement to build a custom web-based hospital administration application that would in turn create the dynamic content required for directories and suite plaques that would be able to be schedule within the content management software.

This project would become the proof of concept to scale throughout OhioHealth’s 14 hospitals, 200+ ambulatory sites, hospice, home health, medical equipment and other health services spanning 47 Ohio, USA counties.


After a brief discovery call, the Coffman Media team began to review the floorplans and architect renderings so we could make hardware suggestions to achieve efficient deployment and achieve all the goals laid out by the OhioHealth team.

We agreed on the following installation scope:

  • 37 Exam rooms with screen sharing system
  • 2 Interactive wayfinding directories
  • 3 Passive elevator directories
  • 12 Independent suite directories
  • 4 Patient waiting area displays
  • 6 Marketing communication displays
  • Procurement of all hardware required for project scope fulfillment.
  • Facilitate the physical installation according to the defined project scope.
  • Deliver all as-builts, project documentation and knowledge transfer for “go-live”.

As a next step, we started working with the user experience & marketing communications teams to develop the content and workflow, so that the screens would provide a seamless and informative user experience as guests journey throughout the facility.

Content Development Scope:

  • Build a web-based hospital directory administration application to serve as a centralized hub for all providers, suite, and location data.
  • Develop layouts for all patient and marketing displays along with the content required for the independent zones within each of these layouts.
  • Develop the tagging and user roles within the system
  • Construct and test the mapping of physical sensors for the exam room screen sharing inside the content management software.
  • Test all content workflows inside of the content management software

We established weekly calls with the OhioHealth teams to monitor ongoing status towards a successful completion. 


The project received positive feedback and has been warmly received by the stakeholders within OhioHealth and the Hospital of the Future team, and we achieved all the objectives for the project that was established during the initial discovery phase.

Internal users of the system have also expressed positive feedback of use. We’ve also been able to capture positive Satisfaction scores, from patients and guests, within the interactive kiosks and we’ve seen a very positive Satisfaction score, with an average rating of A+.

Additionally, we’ve also measured success by the desire of the greater OhioHealth organization wanting to replicate the work completed at the New Albany Medical Campus in other locations. To date, the Coffman Media team has completed three other successful activations at other OhioHealth facilities and there are many more that are in discussion and planning phases currently.