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10-GbE and single-mode interlocking armored fiber cable now available
Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009
10-GbE and single-mode interlocking armored fiber cable now available

The time- and money-saving Interlocking Armored, 12-Strand Fiber Optic Cable from Black Box is now available in a 10-GbE 50-micron multimode cable (EXPIA10G12A) and an 8.5-micron single-mode cable (EXPIASM12A). Because the cable doesn’t require an innerduct, it provides a single-pull solution. The cable has aluminum interlocking armor for maximum protection in out-of-the-way areas. With no need to install conduit before pulling cable, installers can reduce labor and material costs as much as 30%. Ideal for Gigabit Ethernet backbones where ruggedness and rodent resistance are required, the cable is UL® Listed and plenum rated, yet it’s also very flexible and lightweight. This fiber optic cable is sold cut to customer-specified lengths. For more information, see

See the enclosed JPG file of the:
• Interlocking Armored, 12-Strand, 10-Gigabit 50-Micron Multimode (EXPIA10G12A) and Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable (EXPIASM12A)

About Black Box
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