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Contemporary Research HDTV Tuner Keeps Helicopter News Broadcasts In Sync with Studio Needs
Posted on Monday, April 13, 2009
Contemporary Research HDTV Tuner Keeps Helicopter News Broadcasts In Sync with Studio Needs

Once overhead and hovering, the helicopter’s electronic news gathering (ENG) system allows the pilot and reporter to synchronize with the studio and enables them to anticipate the take for the shot and the hand-off from newscaster to reporter.


ENG is an application going through a digital transition with CR 232-series analog TV tuners being upgraded to the new 232-ATSC HDTV Tuner.


“Employing digital TV is part science, part art, and mostly trial and error,” says one company’s video engineer. “Bristling with advanced avionics and HD ENG gear, a helicopter is a hotbed of EMI to begin with. The spinning rotors add another layer of interference, and the metal body of the aircraft can also block reception. Add that ATSC was never designed for moving TV reception, and you’ve got a big challenge.


“Our solutions are always evolving as we experiment with placement of multiple high-end antennas for the best reception. Once we hover for the shot, we can lock in to the station’s signal and manage the broadcast in full HD.”


About Contemporary Research

Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products, HDTV display control, digital signage and tuning. CR also supports a proven line of analog TV tuners, closed-captioning tools, as well as commercial and educational media systems. For more information about Contemporary Research products, visit us on the web at or call (888) 972-2728.


Media Contact:

Nissen Davis, Public Relations Director

Contemporary Research

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