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Electro-Voice EVC-1122-VI provides a single-speaker solution for Restland Chapel
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024
Electro-Voice EVC-1122-VI provides a single-speaker solution for Restland Chapel

Burnsville, MN, Jun 2024 – As one of the largest funeral homes, cemeteries and onsite crematories in the southwest, Restland features multiple chapels – all of which are receiving upgraded sound reinforcement in the shape of Electro-Voice loudspeakers powered by Dynacord amplifiers.

The funeral home tapped Dallas-Fort Worth-based AxioTech Solutions to design and install the new audio and video control systems, including inside the main chapel, which was recently completed and equipped with one EVC-1122-VI loudspeaker powered by a Dynacord C1300FDi amplifier. Designed as a compact problem-solver for acoustically challenging spaces, the EVC-1122-VI features EV’s unique variable-intensity configuration to precisely address rectangular areas with exceptional horizontal/vertical directivity control and wide bandwidth. 

“This loudspeaker more than exceeded my expectations,” explains Troy Canton, president of AxioTech Solutions. “When they said one loudspeaker could cover the entire chapel and make it sound great, I was skeptical. Call me converted. I wouldn’t choose anything else.”   

The chapel is a rectangular space, 100 feet long by 60 feet wide, constructed mostly in concrete – an extremely challenging acoustic environment. The room boasts five televisions – one in the center, two on each side – with another in the foyer and the family room. An adjacent AV room controls the audio, video and source materials. The C1300FDi amplifier is rack-mounted in the AV room along with a mixer, video matrix switch and other video sources.  

The EVC-1122-VI is center-ceiling mounted in the front of the chapel. The downward angle of the VI’s front-facing 12” woofer and the asymmetrical waveguide work together to evenly cover a rectangular audience area with a single loudspeaker. The size of the coverage area is determined by the mounting height and the vertical mounting angle of the loudspeaker. The advantage of the VI approach is that there is reduced variation in sound level from the front to the back of the audience, compared to typical point-source solutions. 

“I walked the room after it was installed and the coverage was incredible,” adds Canton. “It blanketed the room. There was no bounce-back from the walls – nothing. It sounded great. I can’t wait to put it to work in the other chapels.” 

Behind the scenes, the Dynacord C1300FDi power amplifier offers an equally high level of purposeful refinement. Equipped with an extremely robust power supply and a powerful and linear amp design, the amp’s sophisticated protection circuitry ensures safe, reliable operation under all conditions, along with Dynacord’s signature sound quality. Paired with the single VI speaker, the chapel now features a compact, high-performance system that ensures seamless coverage in a space where setting the right mood is of extreme importance.

AxioTech Solutions is a Texas based premier Managed IT services and Audio/Video/Low Voltage solutions installer that offers remote management and support across all technologies. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve combined their far-reaching expertise and experience over IT and AV technologies and combined them into a top-tier proactive support model.