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New Video Wall Displays & InfoComm 2019
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019
New Video Wall Displays & InfoComm 2019



We at GPO Display are excited to announce three key developments in our video wall lineup, all currently shipping:

1. 55″ Razor Narrow Bezel (RNB) LCDs featuring 0.44mm even bezels (0.8mm combined). This is the slimmest combined bezel gap available on any LCD video wall, with a sub-1mm tiled gap. There are four 55″ RNB models, with options in the New Standard (NSV55MLRNSV55HLR) and Easy-4K (EK55MLREK55HLR) series.

2. 65″ Ultra-HD/4K Ultra Narrow Bezel LCDs (700nit, 3.7mm combined bezel gap). EK65KHSU is the first native-4K Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD, and our largest true video wall display yet. With so much uninterrupted panel area, EK65KHSU is ideal for applications that require multiple sources (such as camera feeds) on each display. It is also perfect for displaying high resolution content in a relatively small space- a 2×2 video wall comprised of EK65KHSU features overall 8K native resolution while occupying a slightly smaller area than a 46″ 3×3 video wall,  which has an overall native resolution of just 5460×3240.

3. 55″ Curvable OLED video wall displays. The new OL55NLU features an Ultra Narrow Bezel (3.5mm tiled) but this is hardly its most notable feature. It can be curved in either portrait or landscape orientation, convexly or concavely. Its flexibility is rated at 1000R, which means that it can wrap a column with a radius of 1m. In other words, a complete circle of inward or outward-facing displays can be completed using six landscape-oriented displays or eleven portrait-oriented displays. OL55NLU also provides the benefits associated with other OLEDs- infinite contrast and superior color reproduction. We will have this product and many others (Panoramic LCDsSturdiglass, an InteracTable, and more) on display at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando.

If you haven’t registered yet, follow this link and enter our VIP Code, GPO326 at the beginning of the registration process for free admission to the Exhibit Hall!