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Top 8 Places to Put a Panoramic Display
Posted on Monday, November 28, 2022
Top 8 Places to Put a Panoramic Display

Nov. 28, 2022 - So, what is a panoramic display? Panoramic displays are monitors which are slimmed down from the more common/standard 16:9 aspect ratio. These thinner displays fit in a wider range of spaces than their standard counterparts. Picture your average television — it probably wouldn't fit above a door, would it? But a panoramic display of equal width to that TV might. Panoramic displays are perfect for these types of tight spaces (or areas where you prefer a more understated look that won't take the wall over).

How is a panoramic display different than a stretch display?

They're not. Different manufacturers use different names for this type of display. "Stretch" and "panoramic" are also the same as a "bar type" or "ultra-wide" display. Manufacturers may use different names, but at the end of the day, we're all talking about the same thing.

Well then, what makes GPO Panoramic Displays different?

GPO display offers TAA-compliant and "secure-ready" displays. A display that is "secure-ready" features no near-field communications (NFC), WiFi, or network connectivity of any kind. Only the minimum non-volatile memory required to operate an LCD is included.  (Check out a previous blog for more information on secure displays).

We offer panoramic displays (our PA series) with anti-glare treatment, optional touch function and custom design possibilities. We can customize housing with personalized graphics and colors along with company logos.

8 places to put Panoramic displays (and how to use them)

Here are some ideas for how to use Panoramic Displays (in no particular order):

1.Office buildings

  • Use a Panoramic display as informational signage for employees or visitors
  • Recognize the performance of an employee
  • Broadcast company messages and scheduled events (typically larger displays, 37-50")
  • Show the progress of a department on a particular project or goal
  • Place 27-37" Panoramic displays outside of a meeting room to show the room availability or the day's schedule
  • Dynamic exit/directional signage (typically 16-27")
  • Show static or interactive maps

2.Retail spaces

  • Advertise clothing on endcaps (37-50")
  • Show a sale on produce or other items in a grocery or convenience store
  • Draw consumers' attention to a new or featured vendor/product
  • Menu signage for café's and quick-service restaurants

3.City counsel chambers

  • Use smaller Panoramic displays (14-20") as dynamic name plates

4.Command & Control settings

  • Use a PA as a world clock (48" is the most popular size for this)

5.Subway/ train stations

  • Ideal fit for ad space in train cars as they are a similar aspect ratio to existing signage
  • Signage above information desk or ticket taker stations
  • Emergency updates and late-breaking information about delays/schedule changes

6.Airport signage

  • Flight schedules & baggage claim carousel information
  • Announcements and emergency messages
  • Update check-in counter information

7.Bus signs

  • Route schedule updates and announcements
  • Ad space and emergency messaging


  • Exhibit information on interest rate fluctuations
  • Mini news/market update "tickers"
  • Display changes in bank procedures/ new offers