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Jupiter Systems and the Department of Transportation
Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Jupiter Systems and the Department of Transportation

Oct. 21, 2020 - One of the really fascinating parts of the job in the AV world is working with professions that you normally never hear about or truly understand the depth of what they do. What’s rewarding though, is getting to understand how complex and critical those jobs are. A great example of this is your local department of transportation. We typically know them as the folks that mess up traffic in the summer and deal with snow/ice/downed trees in the winter.  However, when you look under the hood (pardon the pun) you will see that there is so much more to what they do.  

The modern department of transportation (DOT) has so much on their plate it is almost impossible to grasp it all. Reacting to winter storms and natural weather events that cause closures are intensive processes that require in-depth coordination. These of course are so plentiful in many places that people jokingly say there are two seasons, Summer, and road work. But as you look more closely, you see that they are monitoring traffic on ALL roads, not just to assist in reporting to your local news station regarding the morning commute. In reality, they have to deploy crews, setup detours, etc. to ensure our means of transportation is so smooth it’s an afterthought for normal citizens. Things get even crazier when bridges are involved (Bay Area and New York city folks are rolling their eyes now) with lanes that switch directions, toll systems, access roads, and even tunnels. They have to watch endless numbers of cars, ventilation systems, cameras, and sensors to ensure they know what's happening at all times.   

What does all this mean? It means that Jupiter understands that all of this translates to oceans of data! Data that must be efficiently visualized in order to make sense of it all. Data that must be shared with the field and other agencies and in the case of emergencies. These are the environments where Jupiter shines. These are the places where Jupiter is not just a vendor, but can be a value-added partner. Jupiter understands these environments and what the consequences are when things go wrong. The DOT needs solutions that aren't just connected to the main control room, the information needs to be shared throughout and downtime is not an option. This is where a platform like PixelNet can give your customer options that they may not even know they can ask for. The ability to extend the system across multiple rooms and even buildings. And within a system, content can be shared anywhere. Should something suddenly come up in the operations center, the requisite information can be sent to any other screen in the system. When issues arise, good decisions only happen when the right information is put in front of the right people in the timeliest fashion possible. MISTAKES happen when all the information is not available.   

Jupiter ensures that all the data is available to everyone. And in Q4 2020, Jupiter's best in class Canvas platform will expanded to be fully compatible with PixelNet. What this means is that the capability and flexibility of these systems will be even greater. With Canvas, this visibility and information sharing will be able to be shared with anyone that can connect to your network, no matter if they are at home, in an office, or in a service access tunnel under the Hudson River! If they have internet access, then Canvas can deliver the same visibility to anyone, anywhere! 

Jupiter has been ensuring that the right people have the right information available to them at all times for over 35 years. Reach out to your Jupiter sales team to see how they can help you deliver the most effective systems in the world. 

by Daniel LeCour