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Introducing Jupiter 2.0
Posted on Friday, November 6, 2020
Introducing Jupiter 2.0

Nov. 6, 2020 - For the last 40 years, Jupiter Systems has been focused on one thing and became a highly respected global brand at it… Building a reputation as the most trusted name in mission critical data visualization systems. Ask anyone in the av industry to describe Jupiter and they will inevitably mention that Jupiter is well known for top notch engineering, mission critical applications, extreme reliability, and a host of other things. And that’s the folks that DON’T use our products.

Jupiter has worked hard for that reputation. Jupiter is not a flashy company, we don’t brag about our accomplishments, we just quietly keep working to build the most reliable and trusted systems to enable mission critical systems worldwide.

Jupiter's product portfolio has been laser focused on our core business, building processors for video walls that enable organizations all over the world to make the right decisions and get the job done. In the instances where new products have deviated from that core focus, it has been because we saw a need and filled it. We did what any good business does, we identified that need, validated the need, and built a product to fill that need. And the market respected us by buying that product.

Today, we are introducing a whole new family of products that continue this line of thinking and action. Over the past five decades, Jupiter has had a ringside seat to the cutting edge of the display industry. We have seen the strengths and weaknesses of everything the display industry has had to offer. We have worked with these products and manufacturers; we have had to modify our products to allow the displays to do their best and we have helped them overcome their limitations. Most importantly though, we have been able to listen to customers when they explained what was missing and what they would like to see. After taking all of this into consideration, we fell back on our history of innovation and fulfilling unmet market needs. And as of today, Jupiter Systems is no longer solely a Video Wall Processor company… we are also a Display company.

Jupiter has announced two new product families that will be shipping in 2021; Zavus, and PANA.

Zavus is the most advanced LED product in the world. Zavus is a Lithuanian word meaning “Bewitching, charming, or captivating" We chose that name as it most accurately describes the emotions you will feel when you see it. Zavus is the world's only Active-Matrix Mini LED solution and represents a fundamental revolution in large scale video wall displays. It is best in class in all categories; virtually unlimited contrast, incredible motion handling, best in class power consumption, the blackest blacks imaginable, and color and vibrancy like you have never seen. Due to its many advantages, Zavus produces no eye fatigue. When you see Zavus, you won't want any other solution for your most important messages.

PANA is a new line of premium quality LCD displays with one big difference. The world has gotten tired of 16:9 displays. We don’t even notice them. And when we use larger interactive displays, we can't even reach the top of the image. PANA is a line of 21:9 aspect ratio, 5K resolution interactive display solutions. The first product to market is a 105" canvas that will be available in either a display only, or a dual factor touch screen version. A little over eight feet wide and only three and a half feet high means that we put more pixels where you can reach them in order to facilitate ever greater collaboration. And with an eye popping 5120x2160 resolution, there is more than enough real estate to ensure that your message is clearer than ever.

There will be more to come in both the Zavus and PANA lines, but these are the first step and one that you have to see to believe.  

Jupiter has been an innovator throughout our incredible forty-year history. And we are just getting started. We look forward to sharing these products with you and exploring all the interesting and unique applications for them. 

By Justin Shong