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Canvas + Utilities
Posted on Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Canvas + Utilities

March 3, 2021 - In the current predominantly remote work environment, every organization has been challenged to keep their employees engaged, able to access sources, applications, operation content and collaborate with their peers no matter where they are. Organizations in every market have reduced their operational staff onsite in the command center to the bare minimum which is sometimes less than ideal in order to maintain the services they provide to their customers; Utilities are a prime example of this.

Last week with the polar vortex descending into the heartland and as far south as the USA/Mexico border, lasting several days, utility companies were forced to reduce service to their customers leaving them without power for several hours and in some cases for days. The main reason for the reduction of service was to prevent a complete shutdown. 

CANVAS from Jupiter Systems, coupled with the Catalyst and PixelNet display wall controllers allows not only managers of the command centers to create a common operating perspective for operators but there's more, MUCH more. CANVAS keeps remote operators engaged to collaborate with their peers in the operations center and working from home or in the field by allowing them to window their display device they are in front of with the same sources they would see in the command center. In application CANVAS maintains or exceeds the same level of access to the content an operator or engineer would need to see, interact with and even control as they normally would from within the command center. 

Many of the largest utility companies utilize Jupiter Systems' solutions systemwide to provide a uniform level of operation to organizations streamlining their operations decreasing their response times to mitigate interruptions of service to their customers. Feedback from remote users feel just as engaged and aware even from a work from home workday windowing their family room TV or other display creating a videowall experience. More and more utilities continue to reach out to Jupiter Systems to learn how they can upgrade, add or replace our solutions to gain greater efficiency all based on word of mouth from some of our existing customer. 

An organization can only be as strong as the tools and practices it deploys. With Jupiter Systems solutions for videowall management and collaboration, the most flexible, reliable and expandable goals can be achieved.