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COVID-19 and Remote Collaboration
Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021
COVID-19 and Remote Collaboration

May 26, 2021 - The influence of COVID-19 on workspaces across all types of organizations and businesses has been enormous and dramatic. Virtual teamwork and working from home are an integral part of these changes. It influenced the way our company operates too. Jupiter Systems is a part of the ecosystem providing solutions for inherently collaborative workspaces with large format video walls like command-and-control centers, situation, and board rooms. It is extremely important to understand and accommodate COVID-19 related changes in the environments of organizations we are offering our products to. It is equally important to understand related market trends, demands, changing requirements in coming years. Some of the requirements will go away once COVID-19 will be finally under control, others will stay for a long time reflecting fundamental changes in the workspace.  

During this, we will look at two interesting segments affected by COVID-19 – large format video walls and interactive displays. COVID-19 changed a lot of things in these areas. For example, area of interactive displays changed dramatically. End users became much more interested in touchless technologies for interaction, rather than technologies requiring physical touching of the screen. For applications where touching is unavoidable, display resistance to disinfectants became vital. Large video wall markets are also changed. As we mentioned above, Jupiter as a company traditionally focused on large format displays like video walls for critical infrastructure. By the nature of the business, it is a large collaboration space where video walls rendering multiple aggregated sources of information are an important element of successful operations. COVID-19 with social distancing and remote work added additional requirements to this type of systems. Because of this, applications are now needed to provide the following: 

  • secure permissions-based remote access to elements of the video wall,  
  • access to selected video sources,  
  • access to full video wall and related features,  
  • ability to share information between on-site and off-site participants.  
  • remote administration 

These features of the Jupiter products evolved from important and valuable differentiator in the past to part of COVID-19 related regulations. For many governments and commercial organizations with mission critical requirement, it is not an option, but “must have” to continue functioning. Luckily, Jupiter Systems product line with Canvas and PixelNet products were well positioned and prepared to this change.