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The Positive Impact of Ultrawide Displays
Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2021
The Positive Impact of Ultrawide Displays

June 23, 2021 - For the last (4) decades, Jupiter has been a leader in providing mission-critical data visualization and collaboration systems. We have built a reputation of best-in-class engineering, extreme reliability, and exceptional customer support.  

In this week’s blog we offer some market insights on the impact of ultrawide displays as it relates to employee productivity and satisfaction and how our newly launched Pana display solutions can help deliver more productive and happier employees.  

At Jupiter, one crucial consideration in our vision and strategy in launching our new 21:9 ultrawide 5K Pana display products is that this new display format delivers a vastly improved user experience and in turn positive business outcomes. Employees are gainfully impacted and more productive when provided best in market technology and tools. With this view we would like to share a snapshot on some interesting market data which validates this premise and trend.  

One such article published on the subject is authored by Jon Peddie at John Peddie Research (JPR). . In the JPR article Mr. Peddie provided the following detail: 

"We found in our surveys that the productivity one can obtain from dual (or more) monitors approaches 60%. That same productivity benefit carries over to a single widescreen display."  

Additional market feedback is offered by Dell in a sponsored IDC research study authored by Simon Piff and Deepan Pathy.  

In the Dell-IDC study the following market details were highlighted.  

"81% of employees believe that advanced monitors (higher resolution, better ergonomics, and color) will improve overall working experience. 74% of IT and business decision makers consider employee experience a top business priority. 30% of global employees cite lack of monitor ergonomics as a top-rated factor that negatively impacts work productivity." 

"Workers increasingly need tools to visualize, analyze, and respond to exponentially growing data points from disparate sources. Effective visualization requires more screen real estate, better resolution, and the increased ability to interact and multitask." 

"Organizations in the U.S. and U.K. agree the growing adoption of immersive technologies will drive demand for advanced monitors designed to support new workloads, with over 30% of organizations having deployed technologies like AI and AR/VR." 

As this information underscores, ultrawide displays can provide substantial business impact and value. At Jupiter, we believe our first to market large form factor 81" and 105" ultrawide 21:9, 5K displays will deliver that impact across expanding use cases, and workflows including collaboration and data visualization focused environments.   

Our Pana 21:9, 5K ultrawide technologies are genuine game changers. They can directly enhance the employee user experience which is so critical to positive business outcomes. Additionally, these cutting-edge displays will provide the best and most innovative environments to work in, addressing the constant need for organizations to invest in relevant technology to excel and win in today’s competitive landscape.  

Moving forward we are excited to work with our partners and end-users to share our knowledge on these essential technology improvements. Please feel free to reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo to learn more about these first-to-market products and how they provide the next generation visual experience. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on our upcoming webinars and trade show schedules.  

By Mike Dunn