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Pioneering the Future of Visual Experience with 21:9
Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Pioneering the Future of Visual Experience with 21:9

April 13, 2022 - Many AV Manufacturers use buzzwords like "innovative, cutting-edge, and game changer" to describe their latest and greatest products, and while some are, few truly deliver. 

As always, Jupiter is an exception and continues this trend with our award-winning Pana Series of 21:9 ultra-wide 5K LCD displays.

You're thinking, "I've seen plenty of ultra-wide displays". And you likely have – but none like Pana. 

Jupiter is pioneering the future of visual experiences with Pana. It offers premium viewing and a fully immersive viewing cone in 5K native resolution. That's not a typo… yes, 5K! What does that mean, and why is this so important? Read on…

A More Natural Viewing Experience

Most people are accustomed to the standard Full HD display resolutions at 1920 x 1080 in 16:9 aspect ratio but take a closer look at Pana. At best, a Full HD display offers 140° viewing angle, while Pana offers 178°. Why is this so important to consider? The 178-degree viewing angle of this display offers one of the widest viewing cones. In simple terms, it offers single viewers full peripheral views in addition to the standard HD views. Additionally, include multiple users, and the Full HD displays must add displays to match Pana. With Pana, multiple users can view and interact with content – simultaneously. 

What makes Pana a more natural viewing experience is the 178° viewing angle. Our eyes have a horizontal field of vision (FOV) of about 135 degrees and a vertical FOV of just over 180 degrees which is great for range, depth perception, and motion graphics. Our peripheral vision makes up the remaining 60–70 degrees, and that arc dynamic is key. At 178°, the Pana experience is most like our eyes natural FOV. 

Excellent for Accessibility

Collaboration calls for easy access of tools to facilitate group work. When using an interactive touch experience, the toolbars and exit or close buttons must be accessible for all. Pana adds value to these interactions by offering more ergonomical toolbars and menus. 

The new Microsoft Teams MTR Front Row feature optimizes Ultra-Wide 21:9 aspect ratio in multiple MTR configurations. MTR recognizes that these immersive meeting and collaboration environments with optimized ergonomics create better collaborations and are more inclusive. Cameras also play a big part in the MTR set up and pair well with our Pana series offering a full view of all participants.

Why WFH when you have Tech-Forward Tools?

Over the past two years we've learned to work from home quite well. Many companies are finding it difficult to bring employees back into the workplace. What if your meeting spaces could entice employees to come back into the office? We think our Pana could do just that! It's tech-forward design and efficient features offer visual dominance over standard displays with a unique look and appeal. That's why many corporations are reimagining their office spaces. Pana's wide field display feels very "real," and after a long stretch of being locked down, who wouldn't want a more realistic interaction? 

Data Visualization Dynamo

For more than 40 years, Jupiter has been known for products dedicated to mission critical applications. Our products are quite literally used for life and death situations. With our Pana series, we know operators need the same data visualization experience in our displays that they have in our processors. As we explained before, the FOV is the key here, and in mission critical situations that rely on quick and accurate data sets, the Pana is the clear leader. The Pana lets operators consume more data panoramically and does it beautifully with 11+ million perfect pixels. 

Supreme for Sectors

Our Pana checks the boxes in so many areas. We see this as a fit for Corporate Environments, and Command and Control applications primarily, but another application that we see Pana work well is xR Film Production. Virtual production and filmmaking is another area that has seen tremendous growth. Many directors are using LED screens as green screens for filming versus on-location shoots. Pana makes an excellent choice for directors to view film playback after shoots. It's ultra-wide, so multiple film production partners can collaborate simultaneously. It's also fully immersive, giving directors the precise view that movie-goers want to experience. 

For more information about our powerful Pana displays, or for a demo, contact us at We think you'll see for yourself why Pana is the definitive collaboration display.