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Ultra-wide Format Displays as an Alternative to Legacy Videowall LED/LCD Setups
Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2022
Ultra-wide Format Displays as an Alternative to Legacy Videowall LED/LCD Setups

Oct. 27, 2022 - When designing video walls for control rooms and operation monitoring centers, the rise of green AV consciousness has placed new constraints on buildings. More companies are requesting alternatives to legacy hardware solutions to reduce operating costs and energy usage. Adding to the challenge is a new battle for floor and wall space in places where every inch of a room have to be optimized due to real estate costs. 

Of course, the basics can't be skipped

With the sheer nature of what are mission-critical rooms, some standards cannot be ignored and are simply mandatory. For operators, the system must be complex enough to ensure security and include a feature-rich interface, but simplified enough to reduce operator training and working time. For implementing parties a hassle-free deployment, combined with a design that can handle future evolutions including the management of operations done both on and off-site.

Challenge Accepted

Ultra-wide format LCD displays offer the physical benefit of offering large visualization space for content that is evolving to be viewed the same way. Live statistics and chats, web pages, content streaming, and specialized applications can now be viewed in different formats like 21:9 for better eye comfort. The other physical benefit resides in the cost of ownership itself, with replacing legacy-sized LCD or LED videowall displays the majority of the time 43”, or 55” with double of that space with 81”, 105” in a single sheet of glass. One display with double the viewing legacy space means on a scale of a large video wall cutting in half the amount of electricity used, the need for mounts, maintenance need, and from a video processor investment perspective half the cabling need and fewer expenses on the number of needed output cards.

Ingenious processing doubles the benefits

For Jupiter customers with our Pana's native 5K resolution, we are not only offering ultra-wide format LCDs with higher resolution than legacy offerings, but our flagship Catalyst video processors are all capable of outputting a multitude of sources to this very much resolution, allowing to showcase up to 32 windows per display. With all standards of security checked, operators and video wall administrators can also benefit from Jupiter's award-winning Canvas software whereby providing the best user experience full of features for collaboration, seamless source visualization, and annotation. Not to mention, the brand new capabilities of Canvas Mobile allows users in the field to either receive in real-time a video stream on a cell phone for instance, but also turn on the record button and live upstream from their device camera directly to the video wall. 

If you think more is better, you are correct, but not entirely.

The benefit of Jupiter's Pana 21:9 ultra-wide LCDs makes setting up the future of control room and operation centers easy when paired with Jupiter's processing expertise and power. You just have to calculate ownership cost will lower with greater scale applied on combining both types of hardware to see the savings.

However, if we think about the complete opposite, the benefit can be even greater for setting up one, or a few ultra-wide displays in correlation with half a single rack unit size processor for a small control room where the budget is often limited. For example, using our CRS-5K processor to control and broadcast on up to 3x Jupiter Pana displays is where the real sweet spot of cost awareness deployment is recognized. 

Benefits of Collaboration with Jupiter

With more than 40 years of innovation focused on customer satisfaction, Jupiter can not only help provide cost-efficient yet bespoke solutions, but also have expert teams from sales, pre-sales, and engineering devoted to designing and customizing any project with the ultimate target of creating the best of what our company can offer.  With global installations around the world, if you are planning to scale your business using the best video processors and ultra-wide LCDs, we are ready to work and collaborate with you! Visit our website and book an appointment. Let's discuss your project together.