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Unlocking the Full Potential: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect 21:9 Ultrawide Display
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023
Unlocking the Full Potential: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect 21:9 Ultrawide Display

Aug. 17, 2023 - So, you're ready to step into the future of display technology with an ultrawide 21:9 screen. Congratulations! You've already taken the crucial first step by recognizing the myriad benefits these displays offer. Now, as you embark on your journey to upgrade your visual experience, it's time to delve into the considerations that will help you make the right choice for your needs. The AV manufacturing market is brimming with options, and we're here to guide you through the process.

Embrace the Evolution

The trend of ultrawide 21:9 displays has taken the AV manufacturing market by storm, ever since Jupiter introduced them to the enterprise market back in late 2020 / early 2021. If you've recently attended major AV tradeshows or more localized events, you couldn't have missed this populous wave. Manufacturers are eagerly jumping onto the 21:9 ultrawide display bandwagon, offering exciting possibilities for your visual endeavors.

Choosing Your Perfect 21:9 Display: A Checklist

Seamless Integration: Will your display seamlessly integrate with room control systems, without the need for excessive coding? Opt for a display that's easily managed and monitored, simplifying your user experience.

Security Matters: Is your chosen display secure enough for integration into any environment? Avoid potential security breaches by considering displays with robust internal operating systems that align with your IT and AV department's requirements. While displays running on internal OS have their advantages when trying to stream content from the internet this very feature becomes a liability as it exposes the client's IT environment to internet threats. This means that, at a minimum, the client's IT Security team will require a deep penetration test to be conducted to rule out any OS vulnerabilities that could expose internal corporate IT assets to external malicious actors.

Size and Variety: Does the manufacturer offer the size and type of display you need? Whether it's touch or non-touch, ensuring the right fit for your needs is paramount. One size does not fit all. The majority of 21:9 ultra wide LCD manufacturers have only one sku to offier (105-inch). Jupiter is only manufacturer that offers a complete portfolio of 21:9 display sizes with both touch and non-touch options.

Brilliance in Brightness: Will your display shine brightly even in challenging lighting conditions? Choose a display that offers the necessary brightness and contrast to handle complex content even in well-lit spaces. For example, can a detailed CAD drawing can be viewed comfortably even in a room that would be exposed to intense sun light during morning or late afternoon meetings? Having to design a light-control solution into your project just adds cost and complexity for you and your client. Not to mention that certain corporate clients are proud of their glass-house meeting spaces and are keen to highlight the spectacular city views all around and would loathe to use ANY type of light control solution.

Meeting System Compatibility: Will your chosen display work seamlessly with room hardware like Microsoft Teams? Ensure that setting up your 21:9 solution is hassle-free, reaching the full potential of the display's resolution. In many cases, AV partners and integrators are only now realizing the challenges of such an endeavor especially when it comes to utilizing the full 5K resolution that these new displays offer. Jupiter Systems has amassed a wealth of field support knowledge over its 2 years of 21:9 deployments that will make your project successful from day one.

Effortless Sharing: Can you easily share content from laptops or other 16:9 screens? Opt for displays that support various connection options like HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort, ensuring hassle-free sharing. There are several factors that need to be considered. For example, is the content being streamed or is it a hard-wired connection over HDMI, USB-C, or DisplayPort? In all these cases, Jupiter Systems can offer a wealth of solutions to fit every need.

Powerful Performance: Does the manufacturer's OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) meet the demands of ultrawide 5K resolution? Most OPS PCs currently available were designed for max 4K60 output and are ill-equipped to run at full 5K60 21:9 resolution outputs. At Jupiter Systems, we created an entire ecosystem dedicated to the generation and display of 5K60 21:9 content. Part of that effort meant designing OPS PCs with the latest crop of Intel Core i7 CPUs that can easily handle 5K60. Do not settle for under-powered OPS PCs that are limited to 4K60.

Collaborative Integration: If your display is for collaboration, consider its camera integration and USB hub features. Seamless hardware integration enhances collaborative experiences. Jupiter's Pana 21:9 display can reverse touch Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux systems. Ensure that the device's power matches the display's capabilities for smooth performance.

Native Accessories and Solutions: Does the manufacturer offer native accessories and collaborative solutions tailored for your display? Look for solutions that align with the ultrawide 21:9 format, minimizing additional investments.

Global Deployment: Will your chosen display meet certification requirements globally? If your company operates worldwide, ensure that your chosen display can be deployed without complications across various locations. Jupiter has embarked on a massive effort to obtain safety and emissions certification for all the major sales regions. All that our partners need to do is decide how to ship product in the most cost-efficient way possible, the way it should be.

Long-Term Compliance and Energy Efficiency: Ensure your chosen display meets long-term electrical compliance standards and carries necessary energy certifications, contributing to sustainability. Jupiter's Pana line is the only 21:9 large LCD with full safety certification not only for US and EU but specific country Certs for the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, France, and more. We also hold VESA Display HDR certification. View our comprehensive list of Pana global certifications for full details.

GREEN: Does the brand uphold high standard in manufacturing and eco-conscious compliance? Jupiter's manufacturing facilities are certified to many environmental and social standards. Our Pana packaging uses certified FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) responsible forestry paperboard and recycled pulp. Printing on our packaging uses soy-based ink. Jupiter's Pana displays are MSDS compliant throughout supply chain and manufacturing. Material Safety Data Sheet assures components and parts that make up the finished product to abide by strict chemical and raw material standards.