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The Konftel 300W is here. Wireless is freedom!
Posted on Sunday, October 25, 2009
The Konftel 300W is here. Wireless is freedom!

The Swedish company, Konftel, which is Europe's leading manufacturer of conference phones, will begin supplying the market with its first wireless conference phone, the Konftel 300W, towards the end of October. This state-of-the-art unit incorporates OmniSound’s impressive audio performance, a battery that provides talk time of up to 48 hours and wireless connectivity to provide users with the freedom to hold meetings wherever they want without the restrictions of a jack or power outlet.  With the new Konftel 300W every room is now a potential conference room – anywhere.
The Konftel 300W is based on the same platform as the award-winning Konftel 300 and 300IP with integrated Konftel-only features such as recording capability, conference guide and multiple connection options. Konftel has been using the technology of making GAP compatible telephones for different DECT systems for more than four years.

“We started exploring the possibilities of creating a totally wireless product when we first launched the Konftel 200W which was the first GAP compatible conference phone. In general it’s important to remember to charge shared battery powered devices otherwise you’re left with an uncharged device the next time you want to use it. I think our charging cradle is really good because it provides a fixed place for charging and it’s easy to remember," says Clarence Jacobson Vice President of Konftel AB.

The battery has also presented a knotty problem and Konftel has worked hard to be able to offer the market’s longest talk time. Another key requirement has been battery reliability.

Clarence Jacobson explains, “We’ve really concentrated on reducing energy consumption to provide longer talk time. The high-quality battery that we have chosen incorporates protection circuit and safety devices.”

DECT is a well-proven standard for safe, high-quality audio transfer. A total of 159 million DECT hand-sets and 105 million base stations* were sold in 2008. The beauty of the Konftel 300W is that it will work seamlessly with already installed DECT/GAP systems, so there is an immediate and huge addressable market for it. Even for new sites, it has it’s own Base Station to get started.

“With USB and mobile connectivity, the Konftel 300W also allows for a multitude of uses. Telephony is entering the IT world and there is a lot of buzz in the market today about Unified Communication.**“And what’s best of all is that the Konftel 300W is already configured for this,” exclaims Clarence with a knowing smile.  "The integrated bridge system allows all the connections to be combined at the same time!"

During last year’s economic slowdown, Konftel decided to stick with its decision to expand its Development Department and sales force. This has resulted in accelerated product development and a greater market presence, with local sales offices in the USA, the UK, Germany and France.

Clarence remarks, “It is a move that has paid dividends. Companies have chosen Konftel as part of their efforts to streamline operations and save time and money. The most recent survey carried out by Frost & Sullivan*** shows that we have gained greater market share and increased our sales while our competitors have experienced a decrease in sales. There are no bad times for conference phones,” he says in conclusion. "Companies invest during times of economic expansion and conference phones are necessary during economic recessions to allow for more efficient communication. There are no bad times to be using Konftel!"

*) Source:
**) Unified Communication, also known as UC = integration of different forms of communication services. Telephony, e-mail, fax, chat, video conferencing, PAM systems and much more, as well as information and presence status – where you are right now and when you want to be contacted (e-mail, phone, chat, etc). This makes it possible to obtain user-relevant information at any time, anywhere and any how.
***) World Tabletop Report 2008, 28th July 2009.

Facts about the Konftel 300W
The Konftel 300W is a wireless conference phone that brings total freedom to teleconferences. Forget phone lines and power outlets. Its rechargeable battery provides 48 hours of talk time. Connect wirelessly to DECT, mobile phone or via USB for VoIP calls. Incorporates OmniSound® 2.0 for sensational audio quality. The Konftel 300W incorporates many easy-to-use, intelligent features such as call recording capability, a conference guide and line mode. Future-proof – can be upgraded. Find out more at

For more information:
Contact Clarence Jacobson, VP on +46 (0)90-70 64 70 or by e-mail
High-resolution images can be downloaded from