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MAXHUB’s LM138M07 Integrated LED Wall Energizes Both Performers and Audience at The Recher
Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2021
MAXHUB’s LM138M07 Integrated LED Wall Energizes Both Performers and Audience at The Recher

138-inch display creates an immersive experience for everyone

Towson, MD - May 2021… As one of Maryland's most beloved showrooms, The Recher—formerly known as the Recher Theatre—has a rich history as a performance venue for a wide range of leading acts. Over the years, the venue has hosted Linkin Park, Vince Gill, Cheap Trick, the Charlie Daniels Band, Liz Phair, Ziggy Marley, and countless others. Recently, the venue underwent an extensive renovation that included a new stage, refurbished restrooms, sound and lighting improvements, new dressing rooms, and catering from neighboring restaurant Towson Tavern. And central to the newly upgraded facility is a 138-inch integrated LED wall drawn from the catalog of Guangdong, China-based MAXHUB®.

Keith Nachodsky, who serves as the Technical Manager at The Recher in addition to his responsibilities with Harford Sound, LLC, an event services production company headquartered in Joppa, MD, coordinated with Jeff Fink, the Eastern Director of Sales for HD Distributing, LLC of Minneapolis, MN to secure the MAXHUB LM138M07 display. Nachodsky discussed the project and his reasons for selecting MAXHUB.

"The Recher is a 650-person capacity room," Nachodsky reports. "There were several 50-inch monitors already in the venue, and by using Resolume Avenue VJ software, I started putting band logos and upcoming shows on these displays. All the while, I was looking for the perfect video display for the upstage wall. As the upstage wall is limited in size, I knew that whatever I installed, it would have to be relatively compact, but powerful. When Jeff Fink at HD Distributing, LLC told me about the MAXHUB LM138M07 and its very bright 1.5mm pitch display would fit perfectly into the available space, I knew it was the right choice."

Nachodsky also commented on the ease of installing the MAXHUB display, "The installation was simple. I installed the unit by myself in about four hours—and an hour of that was spent un-crating the unit and another hour was spent installing the LED Modules, with no one handing them to me! The display incorporates everything into its slim enclosure, which is barely over an inch in depth, including a 3-in-1 modular board that encompasses the power supply, receiving card, and hub."

Positioned directly behind the onstage performers, the MAXHUB LM138M07 is being fed content using a PC running Resolume Avenue with HDBaseT over a CAT6a transmitter/receiver from Purelink. According to Nachodsky, they are also using a Black Magic Design ATEM switch, which provides the ability to bring in cameras and additional content if desired.

When queried about those features and attributes that make the MAXHUB LM138M07 the ideal choice for The Recher, Nachodsky offered the following thoughts, "The size and the pixel pitch—along with the 

very competitive cost—were the deciding factors that went into the decision to make the purchase. I knew that a vibrant looking video display on the back wall would put the final touches on the venue.  Luckily, the owners trusted me enough to purchase it on my word alone, without actually seeing a demo of the display. Even during a performance with moving lights, haze, and a full band in front of the screen, the images that appear on the MAXHUB display cut through to the back of the venue—adding that WOW factor in the process. I have also experimented with the BYOD features of the display and feel that this feature will be utilized extensively with any corporate type events we may host in the future."

The Recher's new MAXHUB LM138M07 Integrated LED Wall was installed on April 21, 2021 and its first show use occurred two days later. Since that time, Nachodsky reports that everyone, from management to the performers and the patrons, has been very impressed. "The display has been in service for a few weeks now," Nachodsky said, "and the bands and DJs who have performed at The Recher love it! Crowd reaction has been equally positive. The MAXHUB display ties everything together and adds excitement to an otherwise boring upstage wall. Simply put, everyone loves the vivid images and the energy the display adds to the atmosphere, including the owners who went out on a limb during the pandemic to make this purchase. With the LM138M07, MAXHUB hit a homerun."

For additional information about The Recher, go to To learn more about Harford Sound, LLC, visit and for information about HD Distributing, LLC, log on to