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MAXHUB Technology Helps Dobbs Stanford Convey the Message
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2023
MAXHUB Technology Helps Dobbs Stanford Convey the Message

Displays, smart podiums, and collaboration gear  make conferencing and training highly effective.

Dallas. TX - April 24, 2023 - In business for half a century, Dobbs Stanford Corporation is one of the oldest and most successful Pro AV Representatives in the USA. The company represents several outstanding companies that make products which enable AV integrators, technology managers, and others to provide their customers with top-tier technology. That requires a deep understanding of both the client’s goals and a product’s capabilities, and to help company representatives convey information accurately and in a manner that inspires confidence, the Dobbs Stanford team relies on presentation products from MAXHUB.

Brian J. Adams is Vice President of Sales at Dobbs Stanford. His mission is to support area sales managers in delivering value to AV Integrators with the lines the company represents throughout the TOLA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas) territory. The Dobbs Stanford team not only sells MAXHUB products, they rely on MAXHUB equipment, including a large MAXHUB Raptor series display, a smart podium, V6 ViewPro series interactive flat panel displays, and several audio/video conferencing tools. 

"We use a variety of MAXHUB products," Adams explained. "We’ve had a 165-inch Raptor Series LM165A07 display in our conference room since Fall of 2021. In the Spring of 2022, we added a 75-inch Commercial Display, along with a 65-inch Interactive Flat Panel display. We also use MAXHUB’s Smart Lectern as well as the company’s conference bars and video conferencing cameras. All the MAXHUB products in our conference room are used to deliver presentations and to promote concepts and ideas to Integrators, consultants, and their end users. As an example, our big Raptor display is used for showing everything from product images and drawings for project designs to spreadsheets and related data for company management."

When asked about the features and attributes of the Raptor series display that most impressed him, Adams said, "The Raptor’s all-in-one pre-configured design with no external DSP required makes this display very easy to set up and control with a TV-style remote. There is no need for a difficult to program DSP box in an equipment rack. At a whopping 165 inches, the Raptor display is also easy to install, has a low-profile design, (it is even ADA certified due to the thin design), and doesn’t require any special infrastructure or construction when it comes to mounting the unit."

Adams was equally enthusiastic about the MAXHUB Smart Lectern and the V6 ViewPro series interactive flat panel. "The MAXHUB Smart Lectern is a terrific tool for presenters," Adams reports. "This versatile and very capable podium is an excellent means of providing the presenter with a touch screen that shows on the large LED display. Hence, it makes a great 'confidence monitor’ for the presenter. Equally important, the lectern integrates a PC and a microphone, which makes it easy to access files and share materials with meeting attendees. I’ve also been very impressed with our V6 ViewPro series interactive flat panel display. This all-in-one display is nothing short of amazing. With its ability to have a 'conference room’ in one unit that installs just like a TV, it provides a very predictable outcome for our dealers and their customers."

With many electronic products, questions inevitably arise. Thus, capable and responsive support services are crucial. In this regard, Adams was, once again, very complimentary of MAXHUB. "MAXHUB offers first-class support," he said. "Having a field engineer on site to guide our dealers through the installation of a product like the Raptor series display guarantees a 'home run’ every time. Their guided installation makes all the difference! The MAXHUB field engineers are amazing and always follow up. You can’t beat that."

Before turning his attention back to the business of the day, Adams offered these closing thoughts regarding MAXHUB and its products, "One of our dealers summarized their experience with MAXHUB on a recent installation by saying that, with MAXHUB’s support, their Raptor wall went up in less time than they had planned for. The end user was ecstatic about their new display and our company made a nice commission on the sale. What’s not to like!"

To learn more about Dobbs Stanford, visit the company online at