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Optoma Enhances ProAV Segment with a Wide Array of Laser ProScene Projectors at InfoComm 2019
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Optoma Enhances ProAV Segment with a Wide Array of Laser ProScene Projectors at InfoComm 2019

ORLANDO, June 12, 2019 – Optoma, a world-leading manufacturer of large display products, elevates its InfoComm 2019 presence to new heights with an array of innovative products that showcase the company’s leadership in laser light source and 4K UHD projection products.

Optoma’s laser light source projectors provide high brightness, incredible color and strong reliability in compact designs – all critical aspects for large venue display products. Ranging in brightness, features, lens configuration and pricing, Optoma is committed to providing a laser solution for virtually any professional venue.

 Optoma ProScene ZK1050 and ZK750: The ZK1050 and ZK750 powerhouse projectors are flagship 4K UHD MultiColor Laser (MCL) projectors featuring 10,000 and 7,500 lumens of brightness, respectively, and an impressive 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with Extreme Black enabled for powerful color performance and rich blacks. At InfoComm, two ZK1050 native 4K projectors will be projecting high resolution 8K content adapted onto a custom Grandview ultra-wide screen to showcase the advantage of using image blending and warping capabilities for custom screen installations.

 Optoma ProScene ZU720T: The first 7,000-lumen fixed lens laser projector on the market, the WUXGA resolution ZU720T has a telecentric optical structure that provides strong performance uniformity and features 4K HDR compatibility. The projector additionally features full range lens shift, 1.8X zoom and built-in blending and warping. At InfoComm, the ZU720T will be featured in an innovative demonstration geared towards retail and digital signage applications. In the demonstration, the ZU720T will project a holographic assistant onto a nanoAR VR transparent projection glass featuring disruptive Nano-optic technology, with content provided by RR partners.

• Optoma ProScene ZU860: This 8,500 lumen WUXGA laser projector is ideal for boardrooms, houses of worship, museums, auditoriums, digital signage and other professional environments. Similar to the ProScene ZU750, ZU850 and ZU1050 projectors on the market today, the ProScene ZU860 is compatible with multiple interchangeable optical lens options to accommodate any installation need. The ProScene ZU860 also features 4K HDR10 compatibility, integrated HDBaseT, built-in image blending and warping and 360-degree operation. Leveraging the ZU860’s laser light source’s ability to effectively direct and cull light, the ZU860 will be featured in a projection mapping demonstration.

• Optoma ProScene ZK507: This 4K UHD 5,000 lumen laser projector is an ideal solution for conference rooms, houses of worship, auditoriums and other professional environments. Designed for trouble-free installations, the ZK507 offers up to 30,000 hours of nearly maintenance-free operation (Eco mode) and an IP5X dust resistant optical engine. Leveraging the projector’s native 4K UHD resolution display capabilities, the ZK507 will be shown in a unique demonstration geared towards video conferencing, security and multi-window monitoring applications. In the demonstration, the ProScene ZK507 will display four 1080p images simultaneously, and in real time, onto a 120” 4K screen from Grandview.

• Optoma ZU406, ZU506T, and ZU606T: A new series of fixed lens, WUXGA laser projectors with 4,500, 5,000 and 6,000 lumens respectively, that were designed to provide the many benefits of laser projection performance at affordable, market entry pricing. The ZU406 and ZU506T will be shown at InfoComm displaying WUXGA resolution images onto a 109” Grandview screen, and the ZU606T will be projecting WUXGA resolution images onto a 123” Grandview screen.

• A highly-anticipated home cinema projector, the smart 4K UHD laser and ultra short throw Optoma CinemaX P1 will also be on display in a home cinema vignette, showcasing incredible 4K UHD projection alongside impressive smart functions and voice control. The CinemaX P1 features an integrated NuForce soundbar for powerful audio performance and HDR technology for breathtaking color, deep blacks and bright whites. The CinemaX P1 also features smart home skill support for today’s popular digital assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and IFTTT support for seamless smart home automation with smart IoT devices. This all-in-one home cinema projector also offers an easy auto geometry correction system driven by the SmartFIT app and Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) technology for hassle-free software updates, as well as support for Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus pass through over optical and HDMI arc.

QuickCast Pro-4K and QuickCast Pro-WU
Optoma additionally debuted its one-click wireless presentation and display system featuring 4K UHD and WUXGA resolution for content sharing with a variety of devices, including Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets and more. Seamless and hassle-free, the QuickCast Pro system features enhanced plug-and-play capabilities for boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training facilities and other professional environments. Featuring an HDMI receiver and transmitters and USB-C connectivity (for DisplayPort Alternative Mode), along with an industry-leading six-hour battery life and HDCP for playback of protected content from media services, the QuickCast Pro system wirelessly shares 4K UHD and WUXGA video and stereo audio to display devices with just the click of a button.

About Optoma Technology
Optoma combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver remarkable visual display products designed to connect audiences with engaging video and audio experiences. From the company’s ProScene projectors and Creative Touch interactive flat panel displays, to LED displays, Optoma’s suite of products can meet the demands of nearly any professional environment, including conference rooms and classrooms, digital signage, corporate, houses of worship, retail, simulation environments and control rooms. Optoma Technology is the U.S. headquarters for The Optoma Group, with continental headquarters also in Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

Date: Jun 24, 2019