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Top 5 Uses for Digital Signage
Posted on Monday, November 14, 2022
Top 5 Uses for Digital Signage

Nov. 14, 2022 - Digital signage is an incredibly useful solution for displaying content that is both easily adaptable and attention-grabbing. There are several ways digital signage can be used to communicate a wide variety of messages. Learn more about the versatility and advantages of digital signage with these five usage examples!


Digital signage is an excellent way to help inform people about where to go when moving through any kind of venue. Whether at an airport, football stadium, or mall, wayfinding digital signage makes things simple and easy for both those distributing the information and those reading it.

Utilizing maps, directions, or instructions that are easy to update can be much more cost-effective and efficient than static signage, which would take time and money to replace every time an update is needed.


Another way digital signage can be helpful is to serve as a more immersive and captivating experience in comparison to static signage. Using enthralling digital signage when customers are waiting in a line, for example, can help make the wait feel nonexistent.

It also allows the opportunity to display several different types of content rather than just one image or message. Odds are, you’re going to capture and keep more attention with a digital solution at your disposal.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are also another great opportunity for businesses. The ability to easily update and change what customers see on the display is a great advantage and can save costs for business owners with consistently changing offerings. This can be extremely helpful when quick-serve restaurants or coffee shops want to display timely messages regarding specials or promotions.

Companies should opt for digital signage solutions that are outdoor certified, bright, and equipped with high resolution, which ensures it’s easy to read in various lighting conditions. This is a necessity when digital displays are placed in a drive-thru.


Spreading awareness about important messages or announcements is best done with digital signage. By utilizing a bright, high-resolution display, those intended to receive the message will be able to easily read and understand the announcement from any distance. Additionally, having access to a solution that is simple to update also serves as a benefit when content is changing or time-sensitive.


Since digital signage is entertaining, easy to update, and captivating to viewers, it is the perfect solution to display advertisements. An easily viewable solution due to high levels of brightness and resolution allows target audiences to absorb an advertisement at a glance. It will also grab the attention of viewers who tend to overlook a dull, static sign.

Peerless-AV® Digital Signage Solutions

Whether your digital signage needs are for wayfinding, advertising, or information sharing, Peerless-AV® has creative, compelling solutions your audience wants to see. Peerless-AV products are designed with superior aesthetics for a sleek and finished look that will transform your environment — from mass transit, retail, corporate, and beyond.

By Rob Meiner