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RGBLink Mini+ Bundle
Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2021
RGBLink Mini+ Bundle

Feb. 3, 2021 - PTZOptics is excited to announce PTZ camera control integration with the new RGBLink Mini+ video switcher. The RGBLink Mini is a 4-input HDMI video switcher with some really nice features including a programmable USB output, HDMI output and on-board 2" preview screen. The device features 4 simple buttons for video switching along with a T-Bar and much more. 

In this blog post, you will learn how to set up the RGBLink Mini+ with PTZ camera controls for PTZOptics cameras. If you have not yet set up your PTZOptics camera with a static IP address you can follow the instructions in the set up video or instruction manual. This will be required to enable PTZ controls in the RGB Link Mini+. 

Note: The standard RGB Link does not offer PTZ camera controls. If you only have a regular RGB Link you can use the free PTZOptics camera control software here or one of the other many forms of PTZ controls. 

Pro Tip: If you are using OBS, you may want to check out our free dockable PTZ camera controls available for OBS which dock the PTZ controller directly into the OBS interface. The PTZOptics OBS app can be found here. 

Here are the steps to enable your RGBLink to control PTZOptics cameras.

Plug your RGBLink Mini into your local area network with an ethernet cable.

Set the IP address of your RGBLink Mini to an IP address on your local area network. 

Plug your PTZOptics camera into the local area network and make sure it has a static IP address on the LAN. 

Using the "S" button navigate to the PTZ camera control area of the RGB Link Mini. Here you can set up your switcher to control PTZOptics cameras by entering the static IP address of your camera and enabling PTZ controls.