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Do You Know Why Logo Branding Matters?
Posted on Friday, June 3, 2022

June 3, 2022 - Every year, an influx of new students and their families are entering your institution to attend classes or get a feel for what you can offer regarding educational and sporting opportunities.

Ideally, you want people to walk away with a positive and memorable experience that creates a buzz of excitement around your school and inspires your students (and faculty) to excel in their endeavors. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through your school's branding.

What Is School Branding?

School branding (much like regular branding) is an essential element for any institution, whether it's elementary, secondary, or higher education. A school's branding should capture your institution's identity and indicate the values, culture, and goals you want to achieve internally and project externally.

Branding involves making a promise to your students, parents, and faculty about what they should expect from the experience you provide them. A clear brand presents your school's personality and character to the masses and should serve as a differentiator between you and the competition.

One of the foundational elements of branding is creating a clear, consistent image that's uniquely recognizable and communicates who you are (and what you stand for) to students, parents, faculty, or any other person who encounters your school. This is your school logo or mascot.

The Importance Of School Logos

Logos (and mascots) are vital elements that help to build a school's visual identity. Websites, social media, competition gyms, athletic uniforms, hallways, building exteriors, furniture, and marketing materials should all incorporate logos and mascots and serve as vessels to communicate your school brand.

Why Your Logo Branding Matters

A branded logo or mascot is the perfect way to connect to students, faculty, and local communities who share your values and goals. A logo or mascot can put a particular image in people's minds when they think about your school and unite them through a shared identity.

When students and families become familiar with your branding (or logo) and know what to expect from you, trust and loyalty inevitably follow. This is the power of a branded logo.

But when it comes to branding, consistency is key. Consistent and appealing brands should attract the right attention and be memorable so people can readily recall what your school is all about and what makes you different from the competition.

Why Choose Spectrum Industries For Your Logo Needs

Here at Spectrum Industries, we know the importance of school branding and understand the value of a branded logo. We've specifically designed our products to accept logo and mascot panels so you can enhance your overall marketing strategy with every desk, chair, or lectern you order with us.

Custom Logo Branding

What started as a one-off request for a logo add-on has turned into a niche specialty that's made Spectrum Industries the experts in adding custom logo options for our customers.

We understand that logos are a big part of branding for schools and businesses, which is why we design all of our products with branding and logo placement in mind and are committed to offering logo add-ons to a wide range of our products, including desks, lecterns, workstations, gaming consoles, Esports gaming chairs, and more.

We know what our customers want, and we provide them with solutions that fit their needs. Several products, including our Esports Evolution Desk and the Honors Lectern, have multiple locations for branding depending on your logo requirements.

Customized logo panels have become a popular request from our Spectrum customers, allowing us to solidify our custom branding process, so it's easy to use from start to finish with detailed file requirements, color matching, and logo backer options. Spectrum Industries makes sure your final branding is flawless and fits your needs.

Curious about our custom logo process? See our Custom Logo Document for more details.

Get Logo Branding When You Need It

At Spectrum Industries, we create custom logos and custom products, but we also understand that not every institution is ready to have their branding visually present in their classrooms, offices, gyms, or libraries.

Depending on which Spectrum product you choose, you have the option to add logo panels long after you've received your delivery from us. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to expand your branding efforts in your own time.

Who Benefits From Branding

Our logo branding services are perfect for universities, esports teams, K-12 schools, or any institution looking to take its branding to the next level. The branding (and marketing) of your school or team is what establishes a connection with students, parents, teachers, and visitors that lasts a lifetime.

Now that you know why school branding matters, how it works, and why we offer this service for our customers, you can start thinking about ways to implement more branding elements into your institution. Using logos and mascots, and other branded elements, you can highlight your institution's culture and make an impact that will inspire generations of students towards success.

If you're ready to get customized logo panels on your next order with Spectrum, browse our extensive line of products or contact us today to speak to a Spectrum representative!